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Emface Submentum

Experience the Future of Chin Sculpting with EMFACE

At our cutting-edge medical spa, we proudly present EMFACE Submentum, a revolutionary approach to sculpting and refining your jawline. Leveraging advanced technology, this service promises fast, visible results in reducing double chin without the need for invasive procedures. Experience comfort and convenience while achieving the definition you desire.

What Is EMFACE Submentum?

EMFACE Submentum is a groundbreaking treatment that revolutionizes the way we approach submental fat reduction. Using a synergistic blend of Synchronized Radiofrequency (RF) and HIFES™ muscle stimulation, it targets the layers from muscle to skin for comprehensive sculpting.

How Does It Work?

This service utilizes a dual technology approach, combining RF heating to dissolve fat and HIFES™ muscle stimulation to tone and tighten. The non-invasive treatment effectively targets stubborn under-chin fat, promoting a more contoured jawline without downtime.

What Does It Treat?

EMFACE Submentum is specifically designed to address and reduce submental fat, commonly known as a double chin. It offers a non-surgical solution to refine and enhance chin contour, improving overall facial symmetry and aesthetics.

Results and Benefits

Patients can expect a visibly slimmer, more defined jawline with results that can last with proper maintenance. Benefits include a reduction in double chin appearance, improved contour, and minimal discomfort, all from a treatment that fits easily into a busy schedule.


Non-Invasive Nature: Unlike traditional surgical methods, EMFACE Submentum offers a completely non-invasive approach to fat reduction and skin tightening, eliminating the need for incisions, anesthesia, and a recovery period.

Customizable Treatment Plans: EMFACE Submentum treatments can be tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each individual, ensuring personalized and optimal outcomes.

Quick and Convenient Sessions: Each session lasts only about 20 minutes, making it easy to fit into a lunch break or a busy day, with no downtime required afterward.

Safe and Comfortable: The procedure prioritizes patient comfort and safety, using technology that is gentle on the skin and underlying tissues. This means a low risk of side effects and no post-treatment discomfort.

Immediate Visible Results: Patients often notice a discernible improvement in chin and jawline definition right after the first few treatments, with results improving progressively with each subsequent session.

Long-Lasting Effects: With proper maintenance and follow-up treatments, the results of EMFACE Submentum can be long-lasting, offering extended satisfaction with one's appearance.

EMFACE Submentum Double Chin Reduction

Experience the secret to a chiseled jawline and bid farewell to unwanted double chin with EMFACE Submentum! Our state-of-the-art treatment offers a blend of innovation and aesthetic excellence, ensuring immediate, noticeable results without any downtime. Book your consultation today and step into a world where your dream jawline becomes reality, effortlessly.

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