Silver Tree Wellness Center | Phoenix, AZ

About Dr. Kelly

Dr. Kelly Winnett is lucky enough to be an Arizona native and one of the select few training under Dr. Shoemaker. She is currently in the process of becoming a Preferred Provider which is the first step towards a Shoemaker Certified physician.

She is a Mold-Literate Physician certified through Dr. Jill Crista’s (author of Breaking the Mold) program. She holds a certification as a Somatic Release Breathwork Practitioner where she utilizes the breath to help move patients through stored trauma and as a IHT BioScan Practitioner.

She is passionate about her patients’ healing journey and believes that the whole person can not be separated when treating someone.

Dr. Kelly's Journey

Her journey to naturopathic medicine began as a child when she had recurring pneumonia that landed her in the hospital just about every Christmas of her childhood. Her mother found her first naturopathic doctor, Dr. Konrad Kail, and he changed her life. By the time she was dismissed from his care she said on her way out of the office “Bye Dr. Kail, I’m going to be a doctor just like you when I grow up!” and he stopped her, got down on her level to look her in the eye and said “You better not be a doctor, you need to be a naturopath if you want to help people.” Dr. Kelly never looked backed.

Dr. Kelly went straight through her undergraduate program at Northern Arizona University where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Chemistry. Her capstone was in epigenetics and this was the only time where she possibly flirted with the idea of leaving naturopathic medicine for epigenetic research. The idea of everyone being the same and also distinctly unique was, and is still, fascinating for her.

She then went on to study Naturopathic Medicine at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine where she graduated in 2017. In the program, she suffered with Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis dysfunction, more commonly known as burn out or adrenal fatigue. Due to her shift work in undergrad and then the rigors of medical school, the cumulative stress caught up and she actually had a panic attack in a final exam, couldn’t read the page, and walked/ran out of the final. Hormones became fascinating as she biohacked her recovery and continued on with her studies. By the time she graduated she had a deep love for all things hormones from her personal experience so much so that when she started seeing patients, hormones were her exclusive focus. But a few challenging patients came to her and they forced her to look outside the box. This led her to looking at how specific mycotoxins can mimic estrogen and how it presents in the body.

After becoming Mold-Literate and exploring the related illnesses that come with mold exposure, she ventured into the world MCAS and CIRS shortly after understanding that it is all related. Now Dr. Kelly spends as much of her spare time as she can staying up-to-date on the protocols and therapies that work best in this patient population.

Dr. Kelly maintains memberships with the International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness (ISEAI), National Association for Environmental Medicine (NAEM), and is completing a year long Immunology Intensive curated by Dr. Samuel Yannuk specifically for physicians. She is also a member of the AANP (American Association of Naturopathic Physicians) and the AzNMA (Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association).

When she isn’t doing something related to medicine, you can find her at home with her husband, two young girls, a small pack of dogs, and a formerly stray cat that followed them home from a park. She collects gemstones and books as a hobby and on the rare occasion picks up her violin to find some left brain stimulation. She will read anything except horror but her favorites are fantasy. Ironically her husband is a horror author. Her favorite show to binge watch is The Office. She’d rather be by water than anywhere else but she will run away to Flagstaff for fresh air and UFO watching.