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A Powerful Integrative Medicine Approach to Reverse Root Cause of Illness & Reclaim Joy in Living at SilverTree Wellness Center

A Message of Hope From Our Founder, Dr. Jenn

I’m so grateful for your interest and don’t believe you’re here by chance.

This message is for you – the man or woman searching for answers to why you haven’t felt good in months or years.

Maybe you’ve seen many doctors and still have no answers. Maybe you’ve even seen specialists who said there were no solutions or attributed your illness to being all in your head.

Perhaps you’re sick of swallowing pills with frightening side effects or no results. You dream of a day without exhaustion or pain.

You want to feel normal, back to your happy, healthy self again. Yet, despite your faith and your best efforts, your illness isn’t getting better.

Or maybe you’re thinking …

There’s more than simply surviving or living in constant fear of triggering my symptoms. You want to reclaim your joy in living. We can help.

Dr. Jenn Silver Tree Wellness Center

Whatever it is that brings you joy — your family, your career, giving back in service to others, gardening, traveling, or simply living life to the fullest— your health should not keep you from it.

If you’ve had enough and deserve a solution to your chronic, debilitating, or life-threatening condition, Silver Tree Wellness Center and our expert team of practitioners are here to serve the restoration of your highest and best health.

Like the silver birch tree of ancient tradition, our center serves as a protective shelter for rejuvenation, symbolizing the hope of new beginnings and the promise of what is to come — the dawn of a happier, healthier tomorrow. The Darkest Hour is just Before the Dawn!

Dr. Jennifer L. Smith, NMD, or Dr. Jenn

About Dr. Jenn

Dr. Jenn is a Naturopathic Physician practicing integrative, biological, environmental, functional & mind-body medicine. Her ongoing commitment is to serve as a partner in care & expert guide, educating and empowering you on your journey to whole-body health and wellness.
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SilverTree Wellness

About Silver Tree

Dr. Jen opened Silver Tree Wellness Center in Phoenix, Arizona 85032to operate as a premier naturopathic medicine facility for preventative care and ongoing management of complex, chronic conditions, serving individuals of all ages as well as entire families struggling with debilitating illness.
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Understanding the Science

At Silver Tree Wellness Center, we practice evidence-based medicine to optimize your care. This means we rely on the latest scientific research in your diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. By devoting time and attention to studying the best available evidence, we’re qualified to integrate favorable outcomes from clinical trials with your personal values and our professional expertise to help guide each of your healthcare decisions.
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Embracing the Spirit

We believe true healing starts within and always treat the whole person — body, mind, and spirit. Our practitioners aim to eliminate your physical ailments with the least possible intervention, assisting you to resolve underlying obstacles to wellness by addressing your relationship with yourself, your place in the world, and your connection to a higher power. Our role is to support your natural ability to self-heal by operating with the inherent intelligence that is the spirit behind the healing power of nature — the very same power that drives a blade of grass through a concrete city sidewalk to reach the rays of the sun.
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Reversing Root Causes of Illness

At Silver Tree Wellness Center, we don’t just treat symptoms. We go after the root cause of illness. As a partner in care, we work to uncover the underlying source of your condition. Then we apply our extensive education, training, and experience to develop a personalized treatment plan to reverse the root cause of your condition and restore balance at the deepest levels of your being.

Serving your Way to Wellness

Our philosophy is to develop a personalized, multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment, including advanced scientific lab testing, modern healing technologies, use of natural resources, and, equally-important, spirit-centered practices that support natural healing. We’ll move through the process one step at a time, guiding you through your therapeutic treatment plan while teaching and training you to understand the science and spirit of self-healing.

The Shoemaker Protocol

Clearing your Path to Recovery from Mold & Biotoxin Illness — The Shoemaker Protocol

Are you feeling defeated by mysterious symptoms or an unexplained chronic condition? Biotoxins might be to blame. Mold, bacteria, and other biological toxins can cause system-wide, chronic inflammation known as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome or CIRS, especially in genetically-susceptible people whose bodies can’t remove these toxins naturally. Don’t lose hope! We can help. Healing from CIRS can be complicated, but it is possible. Dr. Jenn is a Shoemaker Protocol Certified Physician with advanced training in diagnosing and treating the complexity of CIRS so you can rid your body of biotoxins and make a full recovery.
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With expertise in multiple medical specialities, our practitioners
offer a unique combination of healing modalities from various
disciplines to optimize your care.

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