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EVOX Therapy: Perception Reframing for Subconscious Healing & Life Transformation

EVOX Therapy: Perception Reframing for Subconscious Healing & Life Transformation

Your perceptions of the world around you determine the way you respond to life, influencing your daily habits, health, and long-term happiness. If you perceive exercise to be unenjoyable, you’ll be less likely to engage in regular physical activity, even though you know it’s good for you.

And when your perceptions are negative or limited because of past experiences, biases, beliefs, even the genes you’ve inherited, you can get stuck in negative patterns of thinking or behaving that prevent you from reaching your goals and living life to the fullest.

Enter EVOX therapy, an innovative, FDA-approved biofeedback device that uses voice technology to identify and shift your limiting perceptions so you can transform your reality. In this article, you’ll learn what EVOX Therapy is, how it works, and how it can help you create positive, lasting change. Read on to open up a whole new perspective and world of possibilities.

What Is Perception?

Perception is the way you interpret and make sense of the world around you. It’s how your brain understands what you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. Every moment your senses send signals to your brain through your nervous system. These signals tell your brain what’s happening, influencing your decisions about what to do next.

Here’s a simple example…when you smell bread baking, your nose sends a signal to your brain that says, “Hey, there’s a delicious smell!” Then your brain tells you, “That’s fresh bread baking. I want some.” You might head straight to the kitchen to get a warm slice. It seems automatic, but your perception and response would probably be different if you were gluten free.

And the real trouble begins when your perceptions work against you and negatively impact your behavior. Your brain may perceive public speaking as threatening because of an embarrassing speech in middle school. So when offered an opportunity to deliver a career-changing work presentation, your brain signals a release of stress hormones, activating the flight-or-fight response that tells your body to “run away.”

How To Reframe or Change Your Perceptions to Change Your Life

When moving past this fear of public speaking means the difference between career success or stagnation, it becomes a priority. The good news is that you can overcome limiting perceptions through the process of reframing. It’s like putting on a new pair of glasses that help you see and feel things differently.

Maybe you join ToastMasters or hire a coach. Journaling, talk therapy, and positive affirmations are popular processes that can help reframe your perceptions. But what if you’re unaware of what’s causing your fear of speaking to a crowd? Or your repeated relationship failures? Or your chronic illness?

If you’re struggling to make positive changes or overcome limiting beliefs, your subconscious patterns and underlying nervous system dysregulation need to be addressed. This is where the power of EVOX Therapy perception reframing therapy can make all the difference.1

This cutting-edge approach can both identify and shift subconscious perceptions about numerous conditions and areas of life, such as:

  • Public Speaking: Reframing a fear of public speaking into excitement and confidence
  • Procrastination: Shifting the perception of a task from overwhelming to manageable, increasing productivity
  • Creative Blocks: Changing the perception of self-doubt into self-belief, improving creative output
  • Sleep Disorders: Transforming a negative thought pattern into positive affirmations that promote rest and relaxation
  • Parenting: Reframing a challenging behavior in a child, shifting the focus from frustration to understanding and problem-solving
  • Spirituality: Enhancing a sense of connectedness and purpose, promoting a greater sense of meaning
  • Social Anxiety: Altering negative self-perceptions, reducing fear and anxiety in social situations
  • Motivation: Changing the perception of a lack of motivation into a sense of inspiration and drive
  • Grief: Reframing the loss of a loved one, shifting the focus from pain to gratitude for shared experiences
  • Chronic Illness Management: Shifting the perception of helplessness and victimhood into a proactive approach to managing one’s condition
  • Anger Management: Transforming anger into healthy communication and assertiveness
  • Trauma Recovery: Reframing traumatic memories, reducing the intensity of symptoms associated with PTSD
  • Academic Performance: Shifting limiting beliefs about one’s intelligence and ability, improving test scores and practical application
  • Financial Abundance: Changing negative beliefs about money, increasing financial success and security
  • Self-Care: Transforming negative self-talk and increasing self-compassion, improving overall well-being

Perhaps you now have a better understanding of how your perceptions play a significant role in your behavior and decision-making. Reframing can help permanently change the unresolved emotional patterns holding you back.

While traditional methods like talk therapy and positive affirmations are helpful, EVOX Therapy takes perception reframing therapy to a new level through frequency technology.

What Is EVOX?

EVOX is a perception reframing system that uses voice analysis (VOX is the Latin word for voice) to identify emotional stressors or points of imbalance in your body’s subtle energy field.2

Developed by Zyto Technologies, based on the work of early sound healers, EVOX Therapy works together with the Zyto Hand Cradle, an FDA-approved biocommunication device that measures galvanic skin response.3

Technically a form of biofeedback, Zyto EVOX Therapy first measures and maps present and missing frequencies detected in your voice. This is followed by an energetic transfer to address missing frequencies through a proprietary neurofeedback process.4

How Does EVOX Therapy Work?

Ever hear your voice crack while you talk about your struggle with chronic illness or the passing of a loved one? At some level, this indicates a point or instability, imbalance, or weakness in your energetic field, an unresolved emotional stressor impacting the mind-body connection and bioregulation (homeostasis). Changes to tone, pitch, and cadence in the voice are often inaudible to the human ear, but the EVOX Therapy software can detect, identify, and correct them through this three-step process:5

  1. EVOX Voice Mapping: You’ll speak about a chosen topic for 10 seconds and the voice-mapping software will generate a Perception Index, a visual representation of present and missing frequencies when compared to the ideal perception in 12 unique perception zones.
  1. Energetic Transfer: EVOX Therapy evaluates the energy real-time and using a stimulus-response exchange called a biosurvey, it chooses the specific frequencies your body shows a positive response or biological coherence to. Through a process called “output,” the frequencies are fed back to your subconscious through light, sound, and the Zyto Hand Cradle while you think about the topic.
  1. Perception Shift: The process of mapping and energetic transfer is called a “round.” Several rounds focused on the chosen topic are repeated. Your voice map will start to change as missing frequencies are restored. At some point, EVOX Therapy detects and signals that a significant shift has transpired. You may or may not feel this shift. But a sense of inspiration and upliftment is often noted as the topic is reframed.6

If you’re intrigued by the potential of EVOX Therapy to change the way you see the world, to take you from a glass half empty to a glass half full outlook on life, you might be interested to know there are several ways to approach the therapeutic process. Whether you’re dealing with chronic illness, past traumas, or looking to optimize athletic performance or overall health, EVOX might be the missing key. In fact, many EVOX practitioners and established researchers hold to the notion that frequency technologies like EVOX are the future of medicine. So, keep reading to discover which EVOX approach will work for you.

The Three Types of EVOX Therapy Approaches

You might be wondering how you know what topic you should focus on during an EVOX therapy session. Perhaps your issues stem from a known specific trauma. Or maybe you’re puzzled and question why you have certain irrational fears. Either way, there are three main approaches to EVOX therapy that you can experiment with one at a time or combine over a series of sessions:

  1. Single-Topic Session: If you know exactly what you’d like to work on such as a phobia or traumatic accident, the single-topic session addresses only that issue in order to hone in and powerfully rectify any imbalances with the coherent frequencies needed to facilitate a perception shift.
  1. Multi-Topic Series. The multi-topic series is a powerful technique for addressing complex issues that are rooted in multiple subtopics. For instance, the main topic could be chronic illness. This topic might be broken down into several subtopics such as fatigue, inflammation, and social isolation. You’ll focus on one subtopic per session. This helps to restore balance and clear the deeper root causes of the illness. The total number of sessions required will depend on the complexity and severity of the issue. But through the power of EVOX therapy, patients experience significant breakthroughs on their healing journeys.
  1. Transgenerational Series: This is a targeted process that aims to clear inherited patterns of trauma, stress, and behavior passed down through generations. In the first session, a chart is created for each family member, including biological and non-biological relationships, such as mother, father, grandparents, step-parents, or adoptive parents. The transgenerational series requires a minimum of five sessions to address and heal genetically-rooted patterns, which can help break negative cycles and create a healthier pattern for future generations.7

For the single and multi-topic approaches, you’ll ultimately choose the topic of most importance to you. Discussing this with your practitioner will help you determine which type of session is best suited for your present mindset. However, if you’re uncertain about which approach to take, a skilled practitioner will guide you through the process to identify and prioritize the areas that need attention.

The 12 EVOX Therapy Perception Index Zones

The EVOX maps your current perceptions about your chosen topic on a graph called a Perception Index. The EVOX Perception Index is divided into 12 zones that correlate to 12 musical tones. The displayed colors in each zone show you missing or excessive frequencies recorded in your voice. The 12 zones include:8

  1. Unacknowledged vs Self-Validation: Avoidance, denial, and mistrust vs self-appreciation, enjoyment, and confidence
  1. Repetitive Thinking vs Creative & Independent Thinking: Lack of creativity, artistic abilities, and concrete thinking vs uninhibited creative expression, a broader perspective, and better problem solving
  1. Sadness vs Inner Peace: Repetition of past events to figure out or understand them in an attempt to solve problems and negative experiences vs inner peace and self-contentment from being fully present, free from constant concern, rumination, and expectations stemming from the past
  1. Emotionally Disconnected vs Emotionally Integrated: Constrained capacity to feel and convey diverse emotions, combined with shyness and restraint vs self-awareness, comprehension of feelings with the ability to freely express them, more profound, fulfilling, and effortless relationships with others
  2. Self Critical vs Self Love: A closed heart, less attuned to emotions vs healthy mourning, heightened empathy, and a willingness to forgive
  1. Conditional Love vs. Unconditional Love: Immature emotional framework that relies on rewards and punishments to convey demands and regulate others’ actions vs  acceptance of self and others and more mature approach to social interactions
  1. Anger vs Acceptance of Change: Tendency to get easily angry over minor disruptions or unfulfilled expectations vs the capacity to cultivate serenity and find joy in beauty
  1. Fear and Overwhelmed vs: Accountability: Struggle to experience happiness and enjoyment, working too much, having a serious demeanor, feeling restless, and lacking a sense of humor vs having self-assurance and patience to take responsibility, ability to feel pleasure, laugh, and experience joy even when facing difficulties
  1. Suppressed Emotional Expression vs Appropriate Self Expression: Avoidance of conflict and suppression of emotions that could lead to being rejected or  ridiculed vs utilization of the full range of emotions to confront life’s challenges, access to personal resources, fewer difficulties, and a more gratifying life
  1. Unworthy/Undeserving vs Self-Accepting: Feeling unloved or rejected, either real or imagined, self-sabotaging behavior that hinders obtaining comforts and achieving goals vs a healthy bond with one’s mother, a strong sense of self-worth, ability to receive care and embrace the self in a balanced, wholesome manner
  1. Rigid Beliefs vs Open to Possibilities: Uncooperative, inability to really listen, feeling uneasy or unable to handle disagreements, perfectionism, and high-strung overachieving tendencies vs heightened assurance and confidence, doubts and fears become non-issues, greater tolerance for differences, and decreased attachment to personal beliefs
  1. Conflicting Beliefs vs Congruent Belief & Action: Disconnection from inspiration and faith, struggle to feel present and grounded, spaciness, contradictory, and demanding vs easy and complete concentration on the present moment, connection to source, and greater peace of mind

As your voice creates the Perception Index map, various colors will fill each zone, showing imbalances as indicated by the following colors:

  • White: lower amounts of voice energy that offset total voice energy
  • Gray: total voice energy in each zone
  • Black: imbalances or excess in the voice
  • Blue: Level one excess or low imbalance
  • Green: level two excess or medium imbalance
  • Yellow: level three excess or high imbalance
  • Red: level four excess or extreme imbalance

If yellow or red appears in one of the twelve zones, the EVOX software will complete an energetic transfer. After successive rounds of mapping and transfer, as perceptions are reframed, the colors will change, indicating a shift has occurred.

What to Expect During an EVOX Therapy Session

In our Phoenix, Arizona naturopathic wellness clinic, SilverTree Wellness Center, EVOX is facilitated by Dr. Cara Maxson, a naturopathic medical doctor and mind-body medicine expert. At the beginning of your session, you’ll discuss the topic you want to work on. It could be a physical ailment like joint pain or an emotional stressor such as a job loss. If it’s your first session, you’ll choose the single, multi, or transgenerational approach.

You’ll then put on the headset, adjust the microphone, and connect to the EVOX system through the Zyto Hand Cradle. Next, you’ll speak into the microphone about your chosen topic for 10 seconds. The doctor will provide guidance on what to say and what not to say for an accurate mapping. EVOX will record only the notes or tones in your voice, not your actual words.

From there, your voice map will appear on the computer screen and the energetic transfer will begin. Gentle music will play as you sit quietly and think about your chosen topic. The frequencies with the highest bioresonance will be sent through the hand cradle. Some people feel the electrical impulses in their hands while others feel sensations in their body. You may feel nothing at all. With that, one round is complete, and a new round begins again.

You will speak for another ten seconds and a new map is displayed that shows changes to your perception about the topic. Rounds are repeated until yellow and red zones are cleared. Shifts can happen instantly but can take several rounds with a typical session lasting an hour or more, depending on the nature of the topic addressed.

EVOX will also offer corresponding therapies such as massage, flower essences, essential oils, positive affirmations, and supplements to support the reframing process. These are used in between appointments and may be changed from one appointment to the next based on biosurvey data during your session.

Two sessions a week for five weeks seems to be the sweet spot for major mental and emotional transformation. During this time, a combination of several single topics, a complex multi-topic, or a transgenerational series can be completed. Tune-up sessions can take care of any issues that come up.


EVOX Therapy is a powerful tool to change your mindset and restore emotional balance. A shift in mental and emotional energy can also help heal physical ailments through the mind-body connection.

As an experienced naturopathic doctor and mind-body medicine expert, Dr. Cara Maxson at SilverTree Wellness Center in Phoenix, Arizona provides compassionate, complementary care through the use of EVOX Therapy.

So if you’re ready to experience the transformative effects of EVOX Therapy, don’t hesitate to call us at 602-675-0170  to book an appointment with Dr. Maxson or to inquire about our other cutting-edge healing devices and natural therapies.

Our team at SilverTree Wellness Center is committed to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness through holistic, personalized care. Take the next step towards a happier, healthier you by calling us today!

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