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Emface Explained: What to Expect from the Non-Invasive, Evidence-Based Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Emface Explained: What to Expect from the Non-Invasive, Evidence-Based Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Emface Explained: What to Expect from the Non-Invasive, Evidence-Based Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Emface is changing the way we approach facial rejuvenation, and it’s doing so without scalpels or sutures. This pioneering technology synergistically treats facial muscles, connective tissue, and skin, offering a non-invasive, evidence-based solution that not only enhances your appearance but also improves overall facial health and wellness. Emface offers a promising alternative if you’d like to boost your look without the downtime of surgery, the discomfort of needles, or the risk of toxic injections.  Curious about how it can transform your appearance? You're in the right place — we’re explaining everything Emface has to offer so you can decide if it’s right for you.

What Is Emface?

You have upwards of 30 muscles in your face. As you age, you’ll experience sarcopenia, an involuntary loss of muscle strength, function, and mass, in these facial muscles, which can diminish by 3 to 8 percent per decade starting from the age of 30. The good news is that Emface offers a non-invasive solution to counteract these effects through a unique dual-action approach that effectively stimulates and rejuvenates these crucial muscles while also treating the skin and connective tissue. Emface is more than just a cosmetic solution. It’s a comprehensive approach to maintaining facial health and vitality, making it a preferred choice for those looking to achieve natural and enduring improvements.

How Does Emface Work?

Developed by BTL Aesthetics, the same innovators behind Emsculpt and Emsculpt Neo, Emface combines two proprietary technologies: High-Intensity Facial Electromagnetic Stimulation (HIFES) and Synchronized Radiofrequency (Sync RF), which together create actual structural changes in muscle tissue, reduce certain fatty tissue, reorganize connective tissue, and improve skin texture while retaining fatty layers that give a youthful appearance.

What Is Synchronized Radiofrequency?

Synchronized RF (radiofrequency) energy is a critical component of the Emface treatment that works by penetrating the dermis and warming the tissue to a precise temperature range of 40-42 degrees Celsius. This targeted warming is achieved within just a few minutes of treatment and is optimally set at this therapeutic level to activate fibroblasts in the skin that stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin, key structural proteins responsible for the skin's elasticity, strength, and suppleness.

The application of synchronized RF energy also has a significant effect on the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS). This layer of fibrous tissue, which extends from the mid-scalp to the clavicle, benefits greatly from the heat-induced production of elastin, further reinforcing the skin’s structure and contributing to a visibly rejuvenated appearance. Finally,  the gentle heat generated by the Synchronized Monopolar Radiofrequency also warms the muscles, making them more receptive to the High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Stimulation (HIFES) technology. 

What Is High-Intensity Facial Electromagnetic Stimulation (HIFES)?

High-Intensity Facial Electromagnetic Stimulation (HIFES) is a patented and FDA-cleared technology from BTL. While Emsculpt targets major muscle groups such as the glutes and abdominals using high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM), Emface is designed specifically for the facial region. It utilizes HIFES to stimulate the more delicate, superficial facial muscles that tend to slacken and lose volume with age.

During each 20-minute Emface session, HIFES technology induces approximately 75,000 contractions in key facial muscles, including the frontalis, which is responsible for elevating the brow, as well as the zygomaticus major, minor, and risorius muscles, which help lift the corners of the mouth and the midface. These intense, rapid contractions promote cellular changes that significantly enhance muscle volume, density, and tone. 

What Are the Results of Emface?

Over the course of at least four sessions, each lasting 20 minutes and scheduled a week apart, clinical data shows Emface’s non-invasive technology results in an impressive: 

  • 30% improvement in muscle tone
  • 23% lifting effect on brows and cheeks
  • 37% reduction in wrinkles
  • 95% patient satisfaction rate
  •  26% increase in collagen
  •  129% increase in elastin

These results underscore Emface's capability to provide significant, natural-looking facial rejuvenation without surgery, fillers, or injections.

Who Should Consider Emface? 

Emface is suitable for all skin types and tones and almost anyone looking to enhance their facial aesthetics. It is particularly beneficial for those showing early signs of aging or those wishing to maintain their youthful appearance. However, individuals with implantable electronic devices or severe skin laxity might need alternative treatments.

What to Expect During an Emface Session?

When you go for an Emface treatment, you can expect your technician to place the specially-designed applicators over the target areas. You’ll experience a combination of muscle contractions and a gentle warming sensation. Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes, and there is no recovery time required, allowing you to leave the treatment office and immediately continue with your day.

What Is Emface Submentum for the Neck and Jawline?

Emface Submentum is an Emface treatment specifically designed to address the submental area — commonly known as the double chin. Emface Submentum uses HIFES and Sync RF to improve the contour of the neck and jawline by effectively reducing submental fat and enhancing jawline definition. 

How Much Does Emface Cost?

The cost of Emface typically ranges between $4,000 and $6,000 for a series of four treatments. Prices can vary based on geographic location, the experience level of the provider, and the specific practice setting. Treatment prices might be higher in metropolitan areas compared to smaller cities or rural areas.

Here at Silver Tree Wellness Center in Phoenix, Arizona, we often have specials that can significantly reduce the cost. Due to contractual regulations on the minimum advertised price (MAP), we cannot publicly advertise discounted prices or provide quotes over the phone. It is advisable for prospective patients to schedule personal consultations to discuss potential discounts and detailed pricing.

Why Choose Silver Tree Wellness Center for Emface Treatment?

At Silver Tree Wellness Center, we embrace cutting-edge technologies like Emface to help you  achieve your aesthetic goals naturally and effectively. Emface and Emface Submentum are exemplary of our commitment to offering advanced, non-invasive solutions.

If you're interested in exploring how Emface or Emface Submentum can rejuvenate your appearance, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation. Our expert team will tailor a treatment plan to your specific needs and help you understand the benefits you can expect.

Rediscover your beauty and confidence with Emface at Silver Tree Wellness Center. Contact us today at 602.675.0170 to schedule your appointment and begin your journey to natural facial beauty and wellness.