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EMSculpt NEO® Benefits




Getting Fit Takes FOREVER

Sustaining It Is Even Harder.

We understand the weight loss struggle and the lack of confidence that follows. 
Being overweight can kill your self-esteem and self-perception.
Every unsuccessful weight loss attempt makes you feel like a failure.
You’re certain people are judging you … even when they’re not.
All this leads to negative self-talk & self-sabotage:

You Deserve To LOVE Your Reflection

See Results With EMSculpt NEO® In Just Four Sessions.

Reduce fat by 30% and increase muscle mass by 25% without excessive exercise or restrictive dieting using dual modality electromagnetic and radiofrequency energies so you can finally feel confident in your own skin again. 

What Is EMSculpt NEO®?

EMSculpt NEO® is an FDA-approved, non-invasive body contouring treatment that combines two powerful technologies: Radiofrequency (RF) and High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy. It’s designed to help you get a stronger and more slender physique without surgery.

How Does EMSculpt NEO® Work?

High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy triggers involuntary muscle contractions, helping to build muscle fibers by mimicking the effects of exercise. Meanwhile, Radiofrequency produces heat that targets and permanently eliminates fat cells. Think of it as an all-natural, high-tech tag team, working together to reshape your body effectively and permanently. 

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EMSculpt NEO® can transform any of these problem areas on your body with quick 30-minute sessions.


EMSculpt NEO® before and after photos illustrate the transformation you can experience in your abs, arms, thighs, and buttocks after just four sessions. Men and women just like you get permanent results with EMSculpt NEO® body contouring therapy regardless of age, effort, or exercise. While results always vary, numerous studies report …


Targets stubborn diet- and exercise-resistant fat & activates lipolysis, the breakdown of fat cells.


Creates contractions & prevents relaxation between for muscle activity that can’t be achieved voluntarily.


Zero knives or needles. Zero pain. Zero scarring, freezing, or cell destruction. Zero recovery. Get in and out in 30 minutes.

Burn Fat & Boost Muscle Mass with Scientifically-Proven Body Contouring Technology

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Get Four Treatments Over a Four-Week Period
The best results are obtained with a series of four treatments over a four-week period. Between treatments, you can continue with your normal routine.

Enjoy Lasting Results & Renewed Confidence
Feel like your best self again when you look in the mirror and see long, lean, and toned arms, abs, legs, and bottom.

Experience the Benefits of EMSculpt NEO®

Your Treatments. Your Way.

With Your Choice of EMSculpt NEO® Applicator.

Small Applicator


A breakthrough for trainers, bodybuilders, and anyone with problem areas by targeting difficult-to-build muscle groups with precision accuracy. Maximize strength gains and ensure form and tone with smaller paddles that make sculpting these muscle groups more efficient and effective, transforming the way you address muscle development.
Edge Applicator


The lateral abdomen has long posed a challenge due to its complex composition of fat pockets and muscles. The Edge applicators were created to target not just one or two but all four fat spots on both sides of the abdomen, all while working on the oblique muscles simultaneously for a total contour of this demanding area.
Large Applicator


Designed to treat larger areas, such as the abs, booty, and thighs. This cutting-edge applicator goes beyond aesthetics, enhancing the overall contour, firmness, and muscular strength of the treated area. But it’s not just about looking great. It’s about feeling stronger and more confident in your own skin
One Device. A Shocking Number of Uses.

EMSculpt NEO® Elevated with CelluTone™ Shockwave Therapy

Tennis Elbow
Lymphatic Drainage
Plantar Fasciitis
Erectile Dysfunction
Harnessing the power of shockwave energy, CelluTone™ promotes lymphatic drainage, waste elimination, and blood flow with therapeutic vibrations that enhance microcirculation and oxygen supply in targeted areas to help reverse the root causes of the stubborn appearance of cellulite as well as provide relief from tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, erectile dysfunction, and other types of chronic pain and inflammation. Beyond Aesthetics, EMSculpt NEO® + CelluTone™ Shockwave Therapy is the cutting-edge solution to these common yet challenging concerns, opening a new door to a more vibrant, pain-free, and confident you, all in one remarkable treatment.

EMSculpt NEO® FAQs

EMSculpt NEO® is FDA-approved and  generally suitable for individuals looking to enhance muscle tone and reduce fat in specific areas, but a consultation is recommended to determine if it’s the right option for your specific goals and needs. Ideal candidates meet the following criteria: 

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Good overall health
  • Committed to a healthy diet and exercise program
  • Desire better muscle definition in abs, arms, legs, or butt
  • Designed for individuals with a BMI of up to 35

EMSCULPT NEO® and EMSCULPT CLASSIC are both innovative body contouring treatments designed to build muscle and sculpt the body, but they have distinct differences. EMSCULPT NEO® utilizes a combination of radiofrequency (RF) and high-intensity electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to simultaneously target muscle growth and fat reduction, offering a more comprehensive body sculpting solution. In contrast, EMSCULPT CLASSIC only employs HIFEM technology to stimulate muscle contractions, although fat is also burned as a result. Both treatments are FDA-approved for their intended purposes. Ultimately, the choice between EMSCULPT NEO® and EMSCULPT CLASSIC depends on your specific goals. EMSCULPT NEO® offers a more comprehensive solution for those looking to both build muscle and reduce fat in various body areas, while EMSCULPT CLASSIC is more targeted toward muscle toning in specific areas.

By targeting the core muscles, EMSculpt NEO® helps reestablish muscle function, improve diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles), and restore pelvic floor integrity. One study reported a 10.4% reduction in diastasis recti that was maintained two and six months after treatment. Another study focused on abdominal remodeling in postpartum women using HIFEM. Sustained results at the six-month visit revealed 17.6% fat reduction, 21.7% increase in muscle, and a 23.2% reduction of abdominal separation. Plus, the results suggested that postpartum women may achieve greater improvements compared to the general population. And that the HIFEM procedure may yield better results than abdominal exercise programs for postpartum mamas.

Without the ability to jump on a treadmill, attend a yoga class, or even get out of bed for an entire day, individuals living with chronic illness often face significant challenges in maintaining their physical fitness and overall well-being. EMsculpt Neo® can support individuals with chronic illnesses by providing a low-impact, muscle-strengthening solution, helping to alleviate muscle-related pain, improve metabolism, and boost confidence, all without the need for traditional exercise. 

The cost of an EMsculpt Neo®  can vary based on several factors unique to your treatment plan. These include specific areas being targeted, the number of sessions required to achieve the desired results, and discounts for packages that include services such as weight loss peptides. To get an estimate of the cost tailored to your specific needs, simply book a free consultation and 10 minute demo. Take advantage of our current promotions, membership packages, maintenance plans, and financing through AdvanceCare credit. .

The number of EMsculpt Neo® sessions you need can vary depending on factors like your individual goals, current fitness level, and the specific area being treated. Typically, a series of four sessions in the span of four  weeks  is recommended for each targeted area to achieve optimal results.

You can expect to notice results starting to appear within 2 to 4 weeks following your final treatment. These improvements will continue to enhance over a span of up to 3 months.

EMsculpt Neo® is not designed to help you lose weight. It is primarily a fat-burning and muscle-building device that uses a combination of high-intensity electromagnetic energy and radiofrequency technology to strengthen and tone muscles and reduce fat in specific areas of the body. While the treatment does contribute to a more sculpted appearance and increased muscle definition, it may not result in significant weight loss.

Research indicates an average fat reduction of 30%. EMsculpt Neo® is especially adept at targeting stubborn fat that resists change despite your best efforts.

Studies reveal an average rise in muscle mass of 25%. You’ll attain the tone and definition that would typically take months of working out in the gym or restricting your diet.

EMsculpt Neo® is generally considered to be a safe and non-invasive treatment. It has been cleared by regulatory agencies such as the FDA for its use. Individuals who are pregnant or have a pacemaker or any other implanted electronic device near the treatment area are advised against undergoing this procedure.

EMsculpt Neo® gives the sensation of intense muscle contractions, which can feel unusual but are not painful. You may experience soreness after your treatment. It is equivalent to 20,000 squats or sit-ups in a 30-minute period.


Get Sculpted & Toned With EMSCULPT NEO®in Phoenix, AZ

You can finally radiate body confidence with a little help from scientifically-proven biohacking technology. So if you’re tired of stubborn pockets of unwanted fat that won’t go away no matter how hard you work in the gym or restrict your diet, it’s time to jumpstart your fitness journey or breakthrough those plateaus. Our experienced team of physicians at Silver Tree Wellness Center in Phoenix, AZ is here to guide you through a transformative EMsculpt Neo® program, helping you achieve the body you’ve always desired.

Get Two FREE Treatments When You Buy A Package of Four

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